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People (Foot) Watching?

I love to people watch. I love to take pictures. But…I have to be sensitive to people… so in my watching I’ve noticed a very interesting trait of folks! Their feet! And I’ve taken some very interesting pictures of  feet! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 0815141629 (2)  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  0815141638 (2)  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Dutch shoes  A little boy at the North Sea in The Netherlands. He couldn’t figure out why I wanted a picture of his feet!                                      P9250002 This girl with spikes and blue jeans was in downtown, Midland, Michigan!  Shoes BelgiumA group of Boys in Gent, Belgium.

One of the most interesting I saw was a pair of scrubby, high top tennis shoes but only tied at the foot so the top part was dangling open. White socks were sagging over the tops! I hadn’t begun taking pictures yet so I missed that good ugly shot!

The last picture will be of a woman, probably in her 30’s. It’s not a picture of her feet or shoes but of her leg! She had on jeans that I would have thrown away! From her waist up she looked very nice, attractive! From her waist down she looked like a homeless person! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I know, I’m too old and don’t understand! I still have fun people or foot watching!

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