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If Only…

If only I could do it over. If only I could live my life over again, especially my child rearing years. If only I knew back then what I know now, about rearing children! But we all have regrets, don’t we? I’m surprised my five children turned out so well!!! Family of seven0005

I hope someone is asking the question: What would you do differently? So here’s my answer: I would be patient. I would listen.  I would play. I would laugh! I would cry. I would give my time! I would give up some of the good things I was involved in to spend more time with my children! There’s plenty of time now for extra activities and projects.  I would not sweat the small stuff! I would say yes,  instead of no, most of the time!  Would I still spank? Probably but not nearly as often. They grew up sooo fast.

Thank goodness for grandchildren! My children have given me 15 beautiful grandchildren! Each one is sooo different! I love each OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA one! I have eight grandsons and seven granddaughters! Andrew, Matthew, Kaleb, Tyler, Annie, Max, Megan, Haleigh, Miller, Sydney, Elmise, Bella, Mason, Armon and Maddie! In this picture, four are missing: Andrew, Tyler, Max and Sydney. I wish they all lived near by but they don’t. Three live next door and two live three hours away but in our same state.  I cherish the times we go to visit or when they come here to visit us. Illinois, South Carolina, Texas and Canada are sooo far away in miles but so close in my heart.

I have a Heavenly Father whom I talk with every day. My Bible tells me He is Omnipresent! That fact tells me He is with my children and grandchildren and with my husband and me all at the same time! That fact makes life worth living! My Heavenly Father is in control…even when it doesn’t look like it!

I can’t live my life over again but I can and do trust my children and grandchildren to the loving care of my Heavenly Father. He is trust worthy and He is Love.