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A Precious Moment

???????????????????????????????Isabella is a lovely name for a lovely granddaughter! She’s a beautiful girl, almost always smiling. Bella is the younger sister of Sydney??????????????????????????????? and loves all the activities Sydney is involved in, like horse riding and horse shows, playing flute, band and music camp. Bella needed an activity of her own. But what?

Last weekend Bella, Sydney and their dad came to visit us for the weekend. Bella and Ted, our son and her dad, spent a lot of time playing catch. Finally Bella told us she’d like to be on the 7th grade soft ball team this coming school year! Alright!  She mentioned she still has to buy a glove.

A light went off in Grandpa’s head! He still has his glove from his younger years! He and Ted went out to the pole barn to look for it and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA found it! It still had a soft ball in it!!!

Grandpa gave his glove and ball to Bella! What a precious moment! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bella and her dad played a lot more catch that day, getting used to her new glove! They played the next day…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and… I imagine they’re still playing!!!