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Here I Go Again

Here I am with a new blog called allinadayofme. I’ve only changed one word: the to a. I hope I can keep my regular readers and Mother & me - Copy followers. I’m going to try to write every Monday but there will also be some posts in between! Sometimes I just can’t wait for Monday! Like right now…today is Wednesday and unless I change my mind, I’m posting this today! Part of my problem was that I couldn’t post pictures any more on my old blog: allinthedayofme. I was so frustrated. A nice man from WordPress began chatting with me and told me the problem. Oh, no more space! Okay, I could either buy more space or start a new blog. Jerry and I are trying to keep our expenses down so I decided to start a new blog.

I have several other blogs in case you’re wanting some reading material…


Freetobeme at anitaarcher.blogspot.com



Happy reading!


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